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How To Get Google Play Codes In A Legal Way

How To Get Google Play Codes In A Legal Way

We always want to get free stuffs specially when we are on a tight budget. Having an android phone cost you a lot money then there's the big selection of premium android apps and games available for you. The problem is most of them are expensive but we really want to download it, of course what is the use of our high end android phone without this amazing games and apps. There's a solution to that, we are going to tell you how you can get a free Google Play Codes legally without cheating the system.

How To Get Free Google Play Gift Card Codes Tutorial Method Number 1:

Google Consumer Surveys is an app that lets you get credit from your opinions and answering surveys from them.

You can start using it by just downloading it from Google Play Store, you need to fill your basic information to get you started. They will send you surveys twice or trice a week and you will get notification into you phone. When answering surveys you must fill correct and true information to be avail to get the reward up to $1.00 or more Google Play Credit that you can use to buy apps or games you always wanted. This app is a very smart way to get free Google Play Credits but there's more convenient and easier way plus you can get up to $100 from this Google Play Gift Card Codes Generator.

How To Get Free Google Play Gift Card Codes Tutorial Number 2:

Free Google Play Credits Generator can be easily access right here

The website has the ability to generate Google Play Gift Card Codes that can be redeem right after you successfully verify the human test. The short test consist mostly of email verification or pin verification from your phone. After that you will get the full gift card codes for free, usually you can get $10, $25 or $50 and in case your account doesn't use $ currency it will automatically convert it to your local currency which is very convenient in you end.
Redeeming the free Google Play Codes, gift card codes or any promotional codes is a basic knowledge and you can always do it it by the help of tutorials here on how to redeem Google Play Codes or you can watch some youtube videos.So that's it, I highly recommend you to try both tutorials so you can get more free codes and credits for your android phone and enjoy it without spending a dime from now on.

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